Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here's to all us aging Rock & Rollers

A few weeks ago I turned 60 years old. Me. 60!! When I was a kid my grandparents - quaint, lovable, white-haired folk with these funny old-world Jewish ideas and accents were in their 60's. They were old and I was young and hip and cool and 'with it'. Now I'm 60! Last night I went to see the Baxx CC's, an 'in-their-twenties' Japanese-American garage band. I've seen them twice before already and as always, they were great. But unlike the last few times I saw them, for much of the time I was there last night I didn't see anyone else I knew. All around me were these younger people, just about all of whom were young enough to be my sons or daughters. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so old and out of place. Ironically before the band started they were playing one of the "Nuggets" discs, filled with songs I remember hearing on my AM transistor radio when they were new. I am glad that the next generation of rock and rollers are still into all of the cool stuff that came out in the 60s. And I am also glad that there are lots of new bands out there (many of whom I've heard in my travels throughout blogland) that are just as good as the bands I used to go see every week or so back in "the day". But as my friend Jeff, who showed up a bit later said: "It's just not our scene anymore - it belongs to them now."

I hope he's wrong and that yesterday I was merely feeling a bit out of sorts. While I don't go out nearly as often as I used to, while I'd probably die if I tried to party like it was 1999 and while those nights of sex, drugs and Rock & Roll are decades old, I don't feel quite ready to trade in these Rock and Roll shoes for some sensible orthopedic footwear just yet.

A word or two about the music. First, I would like to thank my cyberpal and fellow blogger Glenn who despite his own troubles on his Born In Tyme blog is still going strong and is not letting the bastards win. Glenn, you, and all of the people who wrote such nice comments when I first decided to stop posting, have inspired me to keep going. Because of my work schedule and the fact that I am also now doing my once-monthly show on Top Shelf Oldies, (my next show will be at 11 PM EST on Thursday July 14 - Happy Bastille Day!) I don't know how often I will be posting. But Time On My Hands is definitely up and running - just a wee big slower than before - kinda like its 60 year old master of ceremonies.

Finally, some of you long-term visitors will notice a few repeats in this latest playlist. Since so much of what was out there has been taken down and many of my older posts are no longer available I have decided to start from scratch. So with all of that being said, it's time to strike up the band.

The BaxxCC's - Rock N' Roll Guitar
I first saw these guys about 3 or 4 months ago at a benefit for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Along with the A-Bones they were the highlight of the evening. This is from their already out-of-print mini-LP "Two Seconds To Mars!!!" which I am still trying to find on actual vinyl or CD. Hey guys, if you're reading this - got an extra copy?
The A-Cads - Watch Your Step
As I've written so many times before, back in the 60's, long before the internet made it so easy, all over the world guys (mostly) heard the Beatles, Stones, Kinks etc. etc. and decided to pick up some instruments and give it a go themselves. The A-Cads from South Africa were 4(?) more who heard the news that there was good rockin' tonight and heeded the call.
Barbara Lewis - I'm So Thankful
Barbara had a Top 10 hit with "Hello Stranger" back in 1963 but this song, which sounds as if it was recorded anywhere between 1968 and 1972 never cracked Billboard's Top 100.
DM3 - Caroline No
Generally I have mixed feelings about tribute albums and covers but I do enjoy this rather faithful re-creation of the "Pet Sounds" classic. Dom Mariani is a tribute-worthy artist in his own right and his love for the song is obvious in every note the band sings and plays.
The Overlanders - Summer Skies & Golden Sands
I think I probably heard this song for the first time on Dave the Rave's show on TSO (Sat. nights 10 PM - 3 AM EST) and it's definitely become a favorite. I'm not sure if it was released in the U.S. as a single back in 1963 or whenever but I can't help but think that it would have sounded incredible blasting out of my dad's 1963 Plymouth's tinny little radio speakers.
Paul Kelley - Chills And Fever
I'm pretty sure I included this song on one of my very first TOMH playlists and it's still one of my favorites. Definitely one for my monthly Platterpuss R&R Record Party show.
Fever Tree - I Can Beat Your Drum
Way before Fever Tree went all hippie on us with "San Francisco Girls" they cut this unknown (at the time) garage classic. Personally, I like this a whole lot better than their later material.
Mort Shuman - I'm A Man
Mort Shuman had a long and many-faceted career as an artist, writer, arranger and producer. Somewhere along the line he recorded this nifty little toe-tapper. I've got it loud and proud on a number of various artist compilations but I am still looking for an original 45.
The Flatmates - When I'm With You
One of the things I will always be grateful to my friend Matthew (Twee Kid) for is for turning me on to the Flatmates. A little Shangri-Las, a little C-86 and songs with hooks that grab you when and where you least expect them to. If you like this song, check out their best-of CD on Amazon.
Tyrone Schmidling - Honey Don't

I know I posted this song once before and I'll say the same thing now as I did then: With a name like Schmidling it's GOT to be good. I wonder what Carl Perkins thought of this over-the-top version of his hit.
The Painted Ship - Frustration
The Painted Ship recorded one of the nastiest songs ever with "Little White Lies" and while this one doesn't register quite as high on the Evil-O-Meter, it still has that same eerie and ominous vibe. A thousand times better than anything that spoiled bad boy wannabe Jim Morrison ever did.
The Resonars - If He's So Great

Even though TSO wants it's jocks to stick with 50's, 60's and early 70's sounds, every so often I like to throw in something a little newer. So far I've played tracks by The Lyres and Untamed Youth and they've both gone over quite well - at least in the chat room. I'm thinking of playing this song sometime and then following it up with a Hollies or Beau Brummels record.
Bo Diddley - Hong Kong, Mississippi
Hail Thee Mighty Bo! One of my favorite songs by one of my all-time favorite artists. She may say she's from Hong Kong but nobody fools Bo.
Gene Clark - Is Yours Is Mine
This is from Gene's very first solo album which he recorded with the Gosdin Brothers. Sadly, he left us way too young, never even reaching his 47th birthday, in 1991.
Willy DeVille - Every Dog Has Its Day
Willy "Mink" DeVille is another artist who died at way too young an age of 59. Unfortunately, while he was alive I never appreciated him all that much. I liked his first few albums on Capitol Records but I pretty much lost track of him after that. It wasn't until after his death that I started hearing some of his later recordings. He had a feel for classic soul music that few modern singers possess without having to imitate anyone in particular. "Every Dog..." is from his sadly out-of-print (and rather expensive) "Victory Mixture" CD. So enjoy it here folks.
The Channels - Now You Know
I've always been a sucker for some good upbeat doo wop and while The Channels are better known for their ballads such "The Closer You Are" and "The Gleam in Your Eyes", this song has always been a favorite.
Mose Allison - I Don't Worry About A Thing
I want to be Mose Alison when I grow up. While I actually know very little about him, I love that good-natured, twinkle-in-his-eye coolness that he projects. Even when he is singing a blues song he always sounds like he is in on some huge cosmic joke and never takes himself too seriously. And he is also one helluva piano player.

Can't wait another day I gotta move on


Anonymous said...

Kids in their twenties at the show? They were young enough to be your grandkids!
Anyhow, cool blog and keep up the good work!

glenn said...

Happy b-day you over the hill fart! -) I shouldn't talk, I'm only months behind but sure as heck don't feel it. And this guy loves tributes to pieces. Sammy Davis could do "Caroline No" and I'd probably love it, haha. Looking forward to listening and your return marks a happy day. Keep on goin'!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharin. The worst part of growing old for me is that I still remember being young so clearly. Maybe we lose our memories and become senile because we choose to forget and no longer be tortured by what we cannot have.