Sunday, May 22, 2011

Platterpuss on the Radio 05/11

For all of you who might have missed it, my radio show is available for downloading. It was a fun show and, as one good friend of mine so kindly pointed out, I definitely have the face for radio. Since I am now on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 11 - midnight, if you missed me last week you can catch me 'pre-recorded live' next month.

Otis Redding - Shout Bamalama
The Blues Magoos - (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet (stereo)
Jimmy McCracklin - The Wobble
The Beach Boys - In My Room
Vaughan Thomas - Need You Girl
Bill Cosby - Little Ole Man
Maurice & Mac - Lean On Me
The Little Boy Blues - I Can Only Give You Everything
The Jury - Who Dat
Sugar Pie DeSanto - Go Go Power (mono)
Tommy Todd - Tag Along
David Gates - Okie Surfer (Mystery Oldie)
Dorothy Williams - Watchdog
Baby Huey & The Babysitters - Messin With The Kid
The Cufflinks - Guided Missles
The Roulettes - Bad Time
The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23
The Bobby Fuller Four - Baby, My Heart
Si Cranstoun - Chocoholic
Brenda Holloway - Just Look What You've Done
The Blue Jeans - Cool Martini

In other news, the job I started last June is due to end in 3 weeks - just in time for my 60th birthday ("Happy birthday, you're fired") so once again I will actually have some time on my hands - at least until I find another job. I've given some thought to reviving TOMH but I don't want to deal with the same crap I had last time. Taking the blog private isn't really an option as it defeats the whole purpose of trying to get the music out there for folks to hear. It seems kind of like preaching to the choir. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Back (sorta)

The good news (I hope) is that I am back but not in quite the way folks might expect. I am now doing a 1-hour pre-recorded radio show on internet radio station Top Shelf Oldies under my alter ego The Platterpuss, a name I used when I was writing record reviews back in the 90's. I will be on this Thursday (5/19) from 11 PM to midnite EST. It's a cool station with some really great and knowledgable DJ's, of which I am honored to be one. There is also a chat room that is open to all and really easy to join that is also filled with some really astute collectors and people who are really passionately into the music. Being that this is an oldies station you won't hear much new stuff but if you have liked my garage, soul, R&B and rockabilly selections in the past, I don't think you will be disappointed. So please join me if you can.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the folks who've left such nice comments over the last month or so. While I didn't get to post as often as I would have liked, coming up with my playlists and writing about the music was the perfect means of self-expression for me - especially as I do not play an instrument, paint or engage in any other type of artistic endeavor. It is gratifying to know that there are others of you out there who are on the same wavelength. Perhaps at some point I will decide to give it another try. But in the meantime I hope you will enjoy my show on Thursday.