Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bye Bye So Long Farewell

It has come to my attention that Multiupload has deleted all of my files from the last year. I'm not sure but I believe this action could have been triggered by a commenter in my last post. I really don't know. What I do know is that since I have to keep worrying about crap like this, TOMH has ceased to be fun for me. At some point I will probably dismantle the whole thing but for now I am saying that this is my last post.

Up until recently it's been a lot of fun and I like to think I've done some good by turning people on to some music they may not have heard before. Maybe I'm flattering myself but I also like to think that, despite the claims of the RIAA, blogs like mine actually help increase record and CD sales. But whoever or whatever has caused the removal of so many of my files has spoiled it for me. I'd like to thank the many nice people who took the time to post a comment or two. You made me feel like someone out there actually cared.

Perhaps I'll be be back with another blog at some point in the future but it will probably not be under my current nom de plume of Yankeeboy. For now though, this is goodbye.