Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bye Bye So Long Farewell

It has come to my attention that Multiupload has deleted all of my files from the last year. I'm not sure but I believe this action could have been triggered by a commenter in my last post. I really don't know. What I do know is that since I have to keep worrying about crap like this, TOMH has ceased to be fun for me. At some point I will probably dismantle the whole thing but for now I am saying that this is my last post.

Up until recently it's been a lot of fun and I like to think I've done some good by turning people on to some music they may not have heard before. Maybe I'm flattering myself but I also like to think that, despite the claims of the RIAA, blogs like mine actually help increase record and CD sales. But whoever or whatever has caused the removal of so many of my files has spoiled it for me. I'd like to thank the many nice people who took the time to post a comment or two. You made me feel like someone out there actually cared.

Perhaps I'll be be back with another blog at some point in the future but it will probably not be under my current nom de plume of Yankeeboy. For now though, this is goodbye.


Holly said...

Do NOT let the bastards get you down -especially cowardly anonymous bastards!

Anonymous said...

You did your utmost; thank you for your music, especially all the new music I heard.
See you anywhere,anytime and anyhow.

Don't let the music be taken from you!


IMI said...

I'm always sad to hear of a music blogger stop, but I can understand it too. When the deleters are successful that encourages them to continue. What I hope is for every blog that does quit, 10 or more start up. Thx for all you've done and I'll cross my fingers that your mind might change.

Kropotkin said...

Sorry to see you go. I can imagine why you get upset by that comment on the last post. The internet is awash with big tough guys like that shoot their mouth off, but only behind the shadow of anonymity. If they don't like it, don't go there and don't spoil it for the rest with inane comments.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Yankee Boy -

Red Sox fan here. I hope you're back eventually. I've enjoyed your blog--your music selections and your writing. It hasn't been in vain. Good luck in everything but baseball!


Prairie Hick said...

This is a blow!
I'd only recently found you, I had been looking for "The Endd - Out Of My Hands" for some time - I used to have a copy.
I don't know what to say except thanks for your hard work (I discovered many other gems here) and good luck in the future.

glenn said...

Wow!!!! Were you able to get any info from Multiupload? I am so sorry to hear about this and that you won't be posting, for now anyway. Thanks for sharing and for all your efforts.

Max Frost said...

Thanx for everything. I really enjoyed what you did here. I hope you come back, and that I'm able to find your new blog. Don't let the bastards get you down--your supporters far outnumber them.

Thanks again, hope to see you on down the road.

Ļickable♔Ĥunk™©® said...

You can be anybody you wanna be online, but the sad thing is that certain people that ruin good blogs like this are usually very lonely with no lives of their own, their only purpose is to destroy the good in people and this in turn makes them feel good, as least temporarily.
I hope that you will find the courage to continue one day.
Old music for me, as well as many others, brings back happier times, and happier memories.
Thanks for all that you did here, and mostly, the memories.

Ļickable♔Ĥunk™©® aka JAMES

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for all your efforts Yankeeboy. Although I didn't always comment, I enjoyed your blog, sad to see you go. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, to get every single file deleted wouldn't you have to follow the links on every post??? If so, the person who did this is obviously insane.

Actually a recent study shows that downloaders buy much more music than those who don't. Duh, they're the ones who are interested in music. Blogs are a promotional tool, those who aren't hip to it yet are fools.

And btw, it's fairly well known that Bo Diddley signed away most of his rights for a pittance. The only people who profit from sales of his catalogue these days are little more than accessories to that crime.

Sorry this had to happen to you. I'm not 100% sure how I'd react in a similar situation, but probably the same. Give it time. I'm hoping you'll be back.


Anonymous said...

i enjoyed your music posts, and i enjoyed the obvious fact we had very similar tastes. I also gained some inspiration from you and your stoicism during your period of unemployment

Thanks for everything!

Big Ern xxx

Melbourne Australia