Monday, March 1, 2010

Back In The Loop

Last week my Mac was in the repair shop for a few days. It was amazing how disoriented I felt without it. No emails, no chatting, no blog surfing, no Facebook - I felt so cut off from everything. It's amazing and kind of frightening to think of just how much these little machines have changed our lives and our way of relating to the rest of the world. When they called me last Thursday to let me know that my computer was ready to be picked up, I didn't care how much it was snowing and raining outside, nothing was going to stop me from retrieving my lifeline.

Dave Davies - Picture Book
"Picture Book" originally appeared on the Kinks' "Village Green Preservation Society" but this is a live version by Dave Davies recorded at the Bottom Line in New York City about 10 years ago.
Esquerita - I Need You
Although Little Richard may have held the title of the "all time queen of rock & Roll", as proclaimed by Leon Russell back in 1971, in his prime Esquerita would have surely given him a run for his money.
The Spliffs - You Know What They'll Say
These guys released a few singles back in the early 80's but this one is their most sought after, commanding pries of around $160. Way too rich for my blood but luckily it was included on Volume 6 of the fabulous "Shake Some Action" compilation series.
The Rumblers - I Don't Need You No More
The Rumblers were mainly an instrumental group, best known for their semi-hit "Boss" which was released on Downey Records and then picked up by Dot for national distribution in 1963. "I Don't Need..." was the B-side and is of much more interest to 60s garage fans. Oddly enough, when a Rumblers best-of CD was issued in 1997 this song was not included.
The Icicles - Whirling
With the organ in the background laying a gentle haze over the proceedings and those slightly melancholic vocals, I find this song to be incredibly comforting and relaxing. I can hear it being played in the background of some movie where the heroine wakes up safe and sound from a really scary dream.
Bob Dylan - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
I'm guessing this was recorded at the LA Forum in 1965 or 66 by Dylan and his touring group which included most of the members of The Band.
Alvin Robinson - Down Home Girl
Like almost everyone I know, I first heard this song when it was covered by The Stones on their "Now" album, but this was the original that inspired them.
Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Gettaway
A few weeks ago my friend Naz who runs the Bleedin' Out blogsite did a little write-up on SLF and it reminded me of how much I loved their first few albums. I remember seeing them when they got back together about 20 years ago and while my most vivid memory is of skinheads starting fights with random members of the audience, I also remember that the band positively smoked.
The Smoke - High In a Room
The Smoke are mainly remembered for their single "My Friend Jack" but they actually had a rather extensive discography. This was their second single, the follow up to "...Jack".
Robert Parker - Sneaking Sally Through the Alley
I first heard this song when it was done by Robert Palmer on his first album but I'm sure this was the original version. With all due respect to Mr. Palmer, this one is so much better.
The Fleshtones - Killing By Degrees
This is from "The Angry Years 1984-86" album which for some odd reason was not released until a number of years after. Nonetheless, this is pure Fleshtones - a little soul, a bit of garage/psych and a touch of punk all melted together into a sound that is so familiar yet is uniquely theirs. Amazingly, these guys have been playing together for around 25 years and they're still going strong.
The Scots Of St. James - Tic Toc
I don't know much about these guys except for what I could find on Soybomb's garage database, which is that this Glasgow combo had at least one other single. I just noticed that the rip of this song is messed up so I've reposted it and at a higher bit rate.
The Uptowns - Here She Comes Again
I just ordered an original copy of this on Gemm Music and was surprised to learn that this originally was released by Laurie Records who were not really known for releasing a whole lot of R&B singles.
The Outlets -Not Too Late
I first heard "...Late" back in the late 80's when my friend was given a cassette of the "Let's Breed" compilation that we played over and over again while driving to and from shows in his olive green Oldsmobile. I'm sure this song serenaded us more than once on our numerous 3 AM White Castle runs.
Unknown Cambodian Group - Gloria
It always makes me feel good to realize how widespread the influence of Rock & Roll was back in the mid to late 60's. Probably due no doubt to the U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia. While it's hard to do a 'bad' version of "Gloria" these unknowns add a few exotic touches of their own to this 3-chord standard.


fuzzco said...

Where do you find this stuff?

YankeeBoy said...

LOL - In places where "normal" people would never find themselves.

glenn said...

Talk about disorienting, I was away for 2 weeks and, I never thought I'd say this, but there TOO MUCH MUSIC to catch up with! -)) Not really, it's the love of my life. Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to your latest. What was the problem with your Mac? Where did you get it fixed? I'm having some problems with mine and thinking of taking it to get fixed somewhere.

YankeeBoy said...

My problem was with my disc drive - it wouldn't eject the disc that was in there. I took it to Tekserve on 23 St. bet. 5 and 6 Aves. in NYC. They only deal with Macs and they really know what they're doing. They even had it fixed a day earlier than promised.

I should have another post up in a day or so. I've been in a kind of mental funk lately trying to find a job and stay in a positive frame of mind. The good news is that there is exhibition baseball on TV.

BGW Glenn - I noticed that you posted a Mosquitos song on your blog. Did you ever get to see them live?

glenn said...

Yes, everyone raves about Tekserve. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. My MacBook Pro will be 3 years old in May and I have a bunch of issues which the geniuses can't fix. Besides, the warranty runs out after 3 years. My issues are not so horrible that I need to fix them - just extreme sluggishness at times and the inability to properly install bootcamp.

In doing some research on the net, my iTunes library might have something to do with the overall sluggishness. It's about 700 gigs - it's my understanding that Apple needs to build a bigger cache to accommodate large libraries.

I was kinda surprised to learn there is no such thing as extending the warranty. I guess the rationale is that anyone who owns a Mac can afford to buy a new one every 3 years. I'm sure most people do. However, there's been no significant improvement to the MB Pro and I have no intention of shelling out a bazillion bucks for basically the same computer.

My knowledge of the Mosquito begins and ends with Darn Well. Any recommendations?

The Bomber said...

Ouh nice nice.
The Smoke its only a little excuse for this one.