Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back on the Chain Gang

I've been back on the job now for a little over two weeks and things are going quite well. I like the work and the people I work with. Although my new function closely related to what I used to do, it is somewhat different and it's taken me a little time to adjust to my new role. Luckily the senior member on my team came over the same way and has been really helpful. My body is still trying to get used to waking up at 6:30 AM every day. I've always been somewhat of a night person and during my long period of unemployment it wasn't uncommon for me to stay up until 4 or 5 AM and then sleep until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. So it's a bit of a struggle going to bed around 11:30 when there is still so much prime nighttime (and "The Nanny" reruns) ahead of me. But I'll adjust I'm sure.

I was kind of surprised when I checked Multiupload earlier today to find that in the last two weeks my last posting only had 50 downloads. Especially as I thought it was one of my better collections. On the other hand, one of my posts from back in March, done when I was feeling pretty down about my situation has proven to be one of my more popular recent compilations. None of this is going to change my approach however. I've always known that my musical sensibilities are not very widely shared and if there are only 50 or so folks out there who get it I am grateful for each and every one of you. So 'hello' to all of you in the Nifty Fifty.

Big Star - In The Street

Big Star are probably just as renown for the slew of musicians they've influenced over the last 30 years as they are for their actual music. If my memory serves me correctly I bought their first record in a cutout bin for $1.99 as at the time nobody really seemed to care.
Bo Diddley - Cadillac
Nobody does Bo like Bo. I first heard "Cadillac" on the first Kinks album and while they do a fine version, it's like I said. Nobody does Bo like Bo. Dig that sax player about halfway through and again at the end.
The Chayns - Why Did You Hurt Me
Borrowing a riff from The Yardbirds' "I'm A Man" these San Antonio lads came up with their own brooding garage masterpiece. " I don't even want you baby." Yeah, you tell 'em!
The Plimsouls - Magic Touch

So much has been written about The Plimsouls over the years that I really have nothing to add. A classic song by a classy band. Enjoy!
The Stones - Hi-Heel Sneakers
Although they never included "...Sneakers" on any of their albums or singles, this was a mainstay of their live sets back in their early days. This comes from a bootleg of BBC recordings.
The Cordials - Dum Dum

Every tine this song comes on I never fail to play it over at least 4 or 5 times. It's such a happy, catchy song and whoever that lead singer is, I just love his voice. Sorry for the low bitrate on this one but believe me it sounds fantastic on the Ipod.
Felt - Ballad Of The Band
To me these guys sound like a C86 band who spent a lot of time listening to the Velvet Underground's "Loaded" album. They've got that same understated vocal style with much more of a jangly pop sound. Somehow it all comes out sounding very comforting but not too fey or sugary.
The Sidekicks - Ask Your Friends
Here's a band I know absolutely nothing about. They're not listed on the garage database (at least not for this song) and I have no idea where I stumbled across this song. But it's a nice one in a Tommy James and The Shondells mode.
Wanda Jackson - Money Honey
Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly. I wasn't there but some friends of mine saw her in concert about 5 or 6 years ago and they all said she was fabulous. A little more country and Jesus and a bit less Rock & Roll but she still had all her vocal chops intact.
Sir Mack Rice - Mustang Sally
"Mustang Sally" is best known for the hit version by Wilson Pickett and the cover by The Young Rascals (and therefore a staple of every NYC area garage band's set) but this is the original by the guy who wrote it.
Jo Jo Gunne - Run Run Run
In the Spring of 1972 this was a Top 40 hit and one of the bright spots of AM Radio. Listening to it now I am picturing myself cruising around town in one friend or another's battered old jalopy with the radio blasting trying to light a hash pipe with the window open. Not an easy feat but yours truly always managed to find a way.
Ash - Girl From Mars
I haven't heard much more than this song from these folks but I like this enough to he inspired to purchase a singles compilation on Amazon that will hopefully live up to expectations.
Junior Wells - You're Tuff Enough
Junior Wells was a well-known Chicago bluesman but at some point back in the 60's he tried to expand his audience base with this foray into Soul. I don't think he had much commercial success with it but today the results sound more than fine.
The Underworld - Go Away

From Toronto, Canada this 2-minute plus slab of sonic wonderfulness is probably one of my all-time favorite mid-60's garage records. A modified Bo Diddley beat, some earnest yet snotty vocals and one of the wildest guitar solos this side of Jimi Hendrix and viola, perfection!
Screaming Trees - Other Worlds
Back in the early 90's I used to see these guys all the time. I guess being from the Pacific Northwest it was inevitable that they would get caught up in the whole grunge movement at the time but their music had a lot more of a psychedelic influence than that of their contemporaries.
The Olympics - Baby, Do The Philly Dog
A Northern Soul favorite and a favorite of mine as well. This was another guaranteed floor-filler from back in my DJing days.
The Sparklers - Bloodhound
Back in the late 50's and early 60's bands like this were a dime a dozen, playing bars, strip joints and frat parties all across the country. Oh, where are they now?

Look at granny getting in the groove


glenn said...

Thanks YB for another fine set. And welcome back to the real world! Btw, I never knew Bo wrote and recorded "Cadillac." I always thought of it as a Kinks' tune. But you're right, nobody does it like Bo. Having said that, on one of the blogs - twilightzone I think - there's a whole mess of homemade Bo beat compilations.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out and thanks for the sounds, looking forward to listening and spotting the lyric in the link (one of life's little pleasures) Cheers!

Math in Liverpool, UK.