Saturday, January 31, 2009

This, That and a Little Bit of the Other

There's not much new going on in Yankee Boy land these days. Unemployment is playing absolute havoc with my sleep patterns and as I am somewhat of a compulsive overeater, that makes it harder to maintain any kind of healthy food diet. I still keep in contact with my old manager from my last job and every time we speak he tells me of more people that I know who are no longer with the bank, having been laid off. They keep calling this a recession but it's starting to feel more like a full-fledged depression to me.  A friend of mine said that instead of bailing out Wall Street who it seems are using much of that money to give themselves bonuses despite their lousy performance, we should give that money to all the crack heads and junkies out there. At least we know that they will spend the money and put it back into the economy which can certainly use the influx of cash. Maybe he's onto something. 

The Sonics - Psycho
Leading things off this go round is a pounding classic that is a favorite of just about any garage music fan out there. Many of you probably already have this record on one compilation or another but it's always fun to hear one more time. 
Aerosmith - Shame, Shame, Shame
Smiley Lewis' New Orleans standard has been covered by a number of artists over the years but this is the most flat-out rockin'est version I've heard yet. From their overlooked "Honkin' on Bobo" album.
Blondie - Look Good In Blue
Here's another song that most visitors to this blog have likely heard many times. For some reason I woke up singing it a few days ago so here it is. 
Bo Diddley - 'Deed & 'Deed I Do
This is one of Bo's lesser known efforts on which he is backed by a vocal group, probably labelmates The Moonglows. 
Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces - Chained To Your Heart
Although I'd never heard this record until fairly recently, it's quickly become a favorite. Despite it's tailor-made Northern Soul beat I think that copies can be found fairly cheaply. Check Gemm Music if you're so moved.
The Epics - Louie Come Home
How many thousands of garage bands were inspired by "Louie Louie" to write and record their own 1-4-5-chord masterpieces? Here's one more in all it's scratchy glory.
The Finkers - Up To You
I'm not sure if Dom Mariani was involved with this record in any way but this Australian combo sounds like they definitely took a page from the Stems/DM3 book of Power Pop.  I don't know if it was originally released as a single (I'm guessing it was) but I got it off of the "Lost Weekend" comp which is now, unfortunately, out of print. 
Home & Abroad - Alison (Please Don't Fall)
"Alison..." is another record that my friend TweeKid turned me onto back in the 90s. I love this guy's voice. They released a few 45s and a cassette back in the day and I'm hoping that the master tapes still exist and that someone eventually puts everything out on CD as I have never heard a copy of this 45 without a fair amount of background noise.
Willie Tee - Walking Up A One-Way Street
I saw Willie Tee at a soul revue a few summers ago and his voice is still in fine form. This mid-tempo stroller was as close as he came to a hit back in 1965.
Los Baby Rocks - Me Nena
It's no secret that south of the border, just like in the US, crazy-assed Rock & Roll reigned supreme back in the late 50s and throughout most of the 60s. Over the years I've heard a few versions of Ron Holden's "My Babe" but this is the wildest one yet.   
The Meteors - Dance Crazy Baby
Speaking of insane crazy Rock & Roll, I've always been partial to The Meteors who manage to combine the rebellious spirit and basic sound of Rockabilly with the pumped-up angry energy of Punk better than just about anyone.   
The Greenhornes - Satisfy My Mind
The first time I saw The Greenhornes they were playing CBGBs on a bill that included The Mooney Suzuki and The Swingin' Neckbreakers and, not to take away anything from the other bands, they totally stole the show. Listening to this years later it's not hard to see why. 
The Primitives - Let Them Tell
There's nothing very original about The Primitives. The wailing harp, the snotty vocals and the double speed tempo are all de rigueur for  British R&B bands circa 1965. But that's precisely the point. So excuse me while I go put on "The Rolling Stones Now".
Doc Starkes - Love Me Like Crazy
"Crazy uhh!! Baby yeah!!" If this ain't a love song I don't know what is. I was going to save this for my next 3CLFS post but it seemed to fit in pretty well here so what the hell.
The Rich Kids - Ghosts of Princes In Towers
When Glen Matlock left the Sex Pistols, voluntarily or not, he hooked up with some guys who could actually play their instruments. I didn't pay the RKs much mind at the time but over the last 30 years (my God, has it really been that long ?!?!) this has aged quite well.      
Sounds Unlimited - Why Doesn't She Believe Me
According to the Garage Database there were at least 4 bands calling themselves Sounds Unlimited back in the mid-60s. These particular Sounds came from Hialeah, Florida. When I used to DJ this record could always be depended on to get the crowd off their butts.  
The New Pornograpphers - It's Only Divine Right
These guys have made 3 albums so far and as far as I am concerned, they are all must-owns for any power pop fan. This song in particular has always been a favorite with that gorgeous melody, those Left Banke styled vocals propelled along by a peppy backbeat and some nice guitar playing. For me this is heaven.


Anonymous said...

Always loved the Sonic's Psycho. It should be a more famous song. Booby Moore is great too. And I loved the Aerosmith cover - I'd not heard that before.

As I commented elsewhere on the blog, good luck with the job hunt. I work in the same field and these are harsh times. W.

YankeeBoy said...

Thanks for your comment and good thoughts. Yeah, it's pretty rough out there for a lot of folks through no fault of their own.

But I do have confidence that for the first time in at least 8 years we have the right man in the White House to help us all deal with these very real problems by offering something more than empty promises and a lot of meaningless rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to make and post such great comps!! Excellent Blog by the way!

YankeeBoy said...

Thanks Anonymous. Comments like yours make it all worthwhile. I hope, if you have discovered a new band or performer via my postings, that you go out and support them in some way. I know many many musicians and almost without exception none of them are making their living via their music. They need all the support they can get just to keep on doing what they do.