Thursday, November 20, 2008

3CLFS - Pt. 2

Things haven't been going so great lately. Not just for me but, it seems, for the whole country and maybe even the rest of the world as well. Everyone I talk to, when I mention that I am out of work, tells me that they know someone else who has also recently lost their job. Despite the optimism that many of us share at the thought of the Bush White House years coming to a close and a new Obama presidency beginning, every day it seems that the mess he will inherit just gets larger and larger. So, there comes a time when one has to just take a step back and, when things are looking their bleakest, remain thankful for all the little pleasures that life has to offer. It is with that thought in mind that I put together this playlist. As Peggy Lee once said, "If that's all there is then let's keep dancing". 

Danny's Reasons - Little Diane
While Danny certainly doesn't have the vocal ability of Dion, he and his Reasons certainly came up with  a spirited version of Mr. DiMucci's Top 10 hit from 1962.  
Firestarter - Trashy Dreams
One of the highlights of the 1994 Garage Shock festival was seeing Teengenerate play a few shows in the Seattle area. When they broke up some of them formed Firestarter who play similar supercharged garagey punk, with possibly a bit of a more poppy sound.
Florian Monday & His Mondos - Rip It, Rip It Up
This is the original version of one of my favorite Swingin' Neckbreakers songs. Although to me the Neckbreakers' version still has the edge, it's easy to see why they picked this particular song to cover with the arrangement intact.
Jack & the Jumpin' Jacks - More More
Just like in the punk and garage eras, in the mid-50s when scores of bored, horny teenagers who'd been raised on country music heard Elvis Presley, they picked up a guitar and decided to have a go at it themselves. While there may be nothing particularly memorable about this track, it's still a fun listen 50 years later.
Joe Jitsu - Start It Up
No, not the Dick Tracy character, this Joe Jitsu is a 3-piece pop punk band from Beaumont, Texas. If you like The Queers, The Descendents or The Vacant Lot you are sure to like these guys. Check out their MySpace page.  
Kid Thomas - Rockin' This Joint Tonite
This has long been a big favorite of mine and is possibly one of the fastest records ever recorded before The Ramones got together. Who put the benzedrine in Kid Thomas' Ovaltine?
Little Richard - I Saw Her Standing There
While this version of the Beatles' rocker can't come close to the wildness of his earlier Specialty records, it has always been a big favorite with the Northern Soul crowd. Unfortunately, this recording is from the stereo album ("The Rill Thing") which definitely dilutes some of the oomph of the 45. One of these days I'll try to upload the mono single version which is much punchier.  
Paul Bascomb - Mumbles Blues
Paul was actually more of a jazzman than a rocker but like like many of his contemporaries he attempted a few Rock and Roll records in the 50s. 
Phillip Roebuck - Jackass Blues
"Jackass Blues"  comes from a double CD entitled "Attack of the One Man Bands" which is chock full of wacky, swingin' nuggets just like this. 58 of them in fact. I'm not sure what this says about my musical tastes but this CD set is actually one of my favorite purchases of the last year. I can't listen to all of it at once but in small doses, it can't be beat.
The Poets - Vowels Of Love
From the first "Ba wa na na na now now" this record rocks like crazy. Most people think of doo wops as slow dreamy ballads and for the most part, that is what the genre is best known for. But most of the time, those ballads were paired with a rocker on the flip side. This is one of the better ones - in my opinion anyway.
Richie Deran - Girl and a Hot Rod
Over the years I've seen many bands cover this song. And why not, it's a classic. A girl and a hot rod - if only life were so simple.
Slade - Goodbye T`Jane
Although Slade were huge hitmakers in England, here in the U.S. they were largely ignored. This was their biggest hit of the Glam Rock era, making it up to number 68 on the Billboard chart in March of 1973. Back in those days I was very serious and mostly into singer/songwriters but something prompted me to buy their album. At the time I remember liking it but never being quite sure why.
The Maniacs - Now I Know
Soybomb's garage compilation database lists  6 songs called "Now I Know" and a number of bands called The Maniacs. To be truthful, the record itself is rather generic but for whatever reason, whenever it comes up on the Ipod, I always crank up the volume.
The Valiants - Don't Wanna Leave the Congo
I first heard this on "Las Vegas Grind" many years ago and it has remained a favorite of mine. With it's nonsensical spoken vocals and jungle noises this has been a highlight of many a party tape in its day.
006 - Like What Me Worry
I'm guessing that this song was inspired by Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman as LWMW was his catchphrase. While I'm sure it was done all in fun, listening to it now I have to wonder if the violent nature of the lyrics was one thing that prevented it from getting any radio airplay. 
The Painted Ship - I Told Those Little White Lies
Speaking of nasty lyrics, this is about as spiteful as it gets but in an understated kind of way. Nonetheless (or possibly because), this remains a favorite among 60s garage fans.
The Spinners - Heebie Jeebies
This is the very same Spinners that had all those hits in the 70s. This was the B-side of their very first hit, the doo-wopish ballad "That's What Girls Were Made For". Not too surprisingly, I like this side much better. 
T-Rex - Jeepster
"Jeepster" got a lot of radio airplay in NYC back in the early 70s. Enough so that I was surprised to learn that it never even cracked the Billboard Top 100. This is another one of those records that I always liked a lot but hearing it on my Ipod while walking in the city made me appreciate even more. 

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